Code Smell 52 - Fragile Tests

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Tests are our safety nets. If we don't trust on their integrity we will be in great danger.


  • Determinism

  • Confidence loss

  • Wasted time


  1. Test should be in full control. There should be no space for erratic behavior and degrees of freedom.

  2. Remove all tests coupling.


  • Fragile, Intermittent, Sporadic or Erratic tests are common in many organizations.

Nevertheless, they mine the developers trust.

We must avoid them.

Sample Code



Detection can be done with test run statistics.

It is very hard to put some test in maintenance since we are removing a safety net.

More Info


  • Coupling

  • Determinism


Fragile tests show system coupling and not deterministic or erratic behavior.

Developers spend lots of time and effort fighting against this false positives.


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This article is part of the CodeSmell Series.

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