Code Smell 59 - Basic / Do Functions

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sort, doSort, basicSort, doBasicSort, primitiveSort, superBasicPrimitiveSort, who does the real work?


  • Readability

  • Bad Naming

  • Low Cohesion

  • Single Responsibility Principle


  1. Use good object wrappers

  2. Use dynamic decorators

Sample Code



We can instruct our static linters to find wrapping methods if they follow conventions like doXXX(), basicXX() etc.


  • Declarativiness


We came across this kind of methods some time in our developer life, We smelled something was not OK with them. Now is the time to change them!

More info


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The primary disadvantage of Wrap Method is that it can lead to poor names. In the previous example, we renamed the pay method dispatchPay() just because we needed a different name for code in the original method.

Michael Feathers

This article is part of the CodeSmell Series.

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