Code Smell 63 - Feature Envy

If your method is jealous and don't trust in delegation you should start to do it.

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  • Coupling

  • Low Reuse

  • Low Testability

  • Bad Responsibilities Assignment

  • Bijection Fault


  1. Move method to the appropriate class.

Sample Code



Some linters can detect a sequential pattern of collaborations with another object.


  • Coupling


  • We should assign responsibilities according to real object mappers and avoid abusing other objects protocol.


More info


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We argue that design practices which take a data-driven approach fail to maximize encapsulation because they focus too quickly on the implementation of objects. We propose an alternative object-oriented design method which takes a responsibility-driven approach.

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock

This article is part of the CodeSmell Series.

Comments (2)

Rodrigo's photo

Great advice Maxi 👏

The job instance knows its properties, so by moving the print responsibility close to their source of change; we make the candidate class depend on one point of change rather than multiples attributes in the job class 👌

Maxi Contieri's photo

yes ! i will add this to the article!