Code Smell 96 - My Objects

Code Smell 96 - My Objects

You don't own objects.

TL;DR: don't use my as a name prefix.


  • Lack of context

  • Bijection Fault


  1. Remove my prefix.

  2. Change to a role suggesting name.


Several old tutorials use the word 'my' as a lazy name. This is vague and lead to context mistakes.

Sample Code


MainWindow myWindow = Application.Current.MainWindow as MainWindow;
MainWindow salesWindow = Application.Current.MainWindow as MainWindow;


Since window is instanciated, we are currently working
with a specialized window playing a special role



  • [x] Automatic

We can tell our linters and static checkers to search for this prefix and warn us.


  • Naming


Avoid using my. Objects change according to the usage context.

More Info


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Thinking about my experience of modifying code, I see that I spend much more time reading the existing code than I do writing new code. If I want to make my code cheap, therefore, I should make it easy to read.

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