About Me


Hi Everyone! 👋

I am Maximiliano Contieri.

I have a master in Computer Science at Universidad de Buenos Aires.

I've been working on Software for about 25 years and been teaching at University at the same time. 👨🏽‍🏫

I like Agile methodologies and object-oriented software design.

I moderate #programming Tag on Hashnode.

You can write me at info(at)maximilianocontieri.com

Do's: 😊

  • I am a senior software engineer specializing in backend object-oriented languages and high-level domain problems.
  • Declarative Software supporter and Agile Methodologies Enthusiast - eXtreme Programming, Scrum, Kanban and Agile Techniques supporter.
  • I love teaching software design and software engineering processes. I have been teaching S.O.L.I.D design and software design techniques for over 20 years and I continue to enjoy it and learn new things weekly.
  • I Regularly write about software design on Hashnode, HackerNoon, dev.to and Medium.
  • I Have solid experience on Bots, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.
  • Also a QA Fan: Automated Testing, Test Driven Development, Defect root cause analysis, Mutation Testing, coverage and architecture design, Defects Reduction. Former QA Director. Not my present interest.
  • Capable of managing small interdisciplinary teams focused on quality and delivery. Learning soft skills on LinkedIn Courses to reduce my formal education gaps on Peopleware.
  • Try to code a few hours a day and love high level languages (PHP, Python, JavaScript, Smalltalk)
  • Founded three startups in the past. Not my current goal.
  • English fluent speaker and writer. Report to the company's CEO in English.

Don'ts: 😔

  • Not keen on Specific Algorithms, Dynamic Programming, Low Level Languages at all. Those days are over. We are in the 2020s, not the 70s. So I keep myself away from C, C++, C#, and specially Golang.
  • Not suitable for: Premature Optimization, Gold Plating, Code Hacking and Ninja Coding.
  • Not the Fireman guy. I like robust and evolutionary quality software.
  • I'm not very strong on Low Level Business Logic. There are much better candidates at it.
  • Front End Languages, Visual Styling decisions and everything related to UIs should be made by more suited people than myself.
  • Been a CTO for some years. Now I prefer working in depth with a stack (any) instead or dealing with lots of different technologies.


I am a proud father. When I am not coding or writing technical articles I usually bike a lot 🚴