Code Smell 05 - Comment Abusers

Code Smell 05 - Comment Abusers

The code has lots of comments. Comments are coupled to implementation and hardly maintained.

TL;DR: Leave comments just for important design decisions. Don't explain the obvious.


  • Maintainability

  • Obsolete Documentation

  • Readability

  • Code and comments duplication.


1) Refactor methods.

2) Rename methods to more declarative ones.

3) Break methods.

4) If a comment describes what a method does, name the method with this description.

5) Just comment on important design decisions.


  • Libraries

  • Class Comments

  • Method Comments

Sample Code



final class ChatBotConnectionHelper {
    // ChatBotConnectionHelper is used to create connection strings to Bot Platform
    // Use this class with getString() function to get connection string to platform

    public $id; // ChatBot Id

    function getId() { // Gets id value

    function setId($id) { // Sets id value

    function getString() {
        // Get Connection String from Chatbot
        // ....



final class ChatBotConnectionSequenceGenerator {

    private $name;

    function connectionSequence() {
        // ....


Linters can detect comments and check the ratio of comments/lines of code against a predefined threshold.



More info

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How to comment your code


  • Comments

  • Declarative


Leave comments just for important design decisions. Don't comment on a method with a bad name, rename it.


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If you have to spend effort looking at a fragment of code and figuring out what it’s doing, then you should extract it into a function and name the function after the what.

Martin Fowler

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