Code Smell 106 - Production Dependent Code

Code Smell 106 - Production Dependent Code

Don't add IFs checking for production environment.

TL;DR: Avoid adding conditionals related to production


  • Fail fast principle violation

  • Lack of testability


  1. If completely necessary, model environments and test ALL of them.


Sometimes, We need to create different behaviors in development and production.

For example the passwords strength.

In this case, we need to configure the environment with the strength strategy and test the strategy and not the environment itself.

Sample Code


def send_welcome_email(email_address, environment):
  if ENVIRONMENT_NAME == "production":
    print(f"Sending welcome email to {email_address} from Bob Builder <>")
    print("Emails are sent only on production")

send_welcome_email("", "development")
# Emails are sent only on production

send_welcome_email("", "production")
# Sending welcome email to from Bob Builder <>


class ProductionEnvironment:
  FROM_EMAIL = "Bob Builder <>"

class DevelopmentEnvironment:
  FROM_EMAIL = "Bob Builder Development <>"

#We can unit test environments
#and even implement different sending mechanisms

def send_welcome_email(email_address, environment):
  print(f"Sending welcome email to {email_address} from {environment.FROM_EMAIL}")
  #We can delegate into a fake sender (and possible logger)
  #and unit test it

send_welcome_email("", DevelopmentEnvironment())
# Sending welcome email to from Bob Builder Development <>

send_welcome_email("", ProductionEnvironment())
# Sending welcome email to from Bob Builder <>


[X] Manual

This is a design smell.

We need to create empty development/production configurations and delegate with customizable polymorphic objects.


  • Coupling


Avoid adding untestable conditionals.

Create configurations delegating business rules.

Use abstractions, protocol and interfaces, avoid hard hierarchies.


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