Code Smell 143 - Data Clumps

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Code Smell 143 - Data Clumps

Some objects are always together. Why don't we split them?

Maxi Contieri
·Jun 22, 2022·

2 min read

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Table of contents

  • Problems
  • Solutions
  • Context
  • Sample Code
  • Detection
  • Tags
  • Conclusion
  • Relations
  • More Info
  • Credits

TL;DR: Make cohesive primitive objects travel together


  • Bad Cohesion

  • Duplicated Code

  • Validation Complexity

  • Readability

  • Maintainability


  1. Extract Class

  2. Find small objects


This smell is friends with primitive obsession.

If two or more primitive objects are glued together, with business logic repeated and rules between them, we need to find the existing concept on the bijection.

Sample Code


public class DinnerTable
    public DinnerTable(Person guest, DateTime from, DateTime to)
        Guest = guest; 
        From = from;
        To = to;
    private Person Guest;
    private DateTime From; 
    private DateTime To;


public class TimeInterval
    public TimeInterval(DateTime from, DateTime tol)
        // We shoud validate From < To
        From = from;
        To = to;

public DinnerTable(Person guest, DateTime from, DateTime to)
    Guest = guest;
    Interval = new TimeInterval(from, to);


[X] Semi-Automatic

Detection based on cohesion patterns is available o a few linters.


  • Cohesion


Group behavior in the right place and hide the primitive data.


More Info


Photo by Dynamic Wang on Unsplash

The heart of the software is its ability to solve domain-related problems for its user. All other features, vital though they may be, support this basic purpose.

Eric Evans

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