Code Smell 163 - Collection in Name

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Code Smell 163 - Collection in Name

Have you ever seen a CustomerCollection?

TL;DR: Don't use 'collection' in your name. It is too abstract for concrete concepts.



  1. Rename the collection with a specific name.


Naming is very important.

We need to deal a lot with collections.

Collections are amazing since they don't need nulls to model the absence.

An empty collection is polymorphic with a full collection.

We avoid nulls and IFs.

We often use bad and vague names instead of looking for good names in the MAPPER.

Sample Code


foreach (var customer in customerCollection)
    // iterate with current customer

foreach (var customer in customersCollection)
    // iterate with current customer


foreach (var customer in customers)
    // iterate with current customer


[X] Semi-Automatic

All linters can detect a bad naming like this.

It can also lead to false positives so we must be cautious.


  • Naming


We need to care for all our clean code, variables, classes, and functions.

Accurate names are essential to understand our code.


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Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

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