Code Smell 196 - Javascript Array Constructors

Array creation is homogenous and predictable, or is it a hack?

TL;DR: Be very careful with Javascript Arrays.


  • The Least surprise principle violation


  1. Be as declarative as possible.

  2. Avoid creating Arrays with one argument.


Javascript has a lot of magic tricks.

Knowing them makes some developers proud and a sense of belonging to juniors.

A language should be intuitive, homogeneous, predictable, simple, and pure.

Sample Code


const arrayWithFixedLength = new Array(3);

console.log(arrayWithFixedLength); // [ <5 empty items> ]
console.log(arrayWithFixedLength[0]); // Undefined
console.log(arrayWithFixedLength[1]); // Undefined
console.log(arrayWithFixedLength[3]); // Undefined
console.log(arrayWithFixedLength[4]); // Undefined
console.log(arrayWithFixedLength.length); // 3


const arrayWithTwoElements = new Array(3, 1);

console.log(arrayWithTwoElements); // [ 3, 1 ]
console.log(arrayWithTwoElements[0]); // 3
console.log(arrayWithTwoElements[1]); // 1
console.log(arrayWithTwoElements[2]); // Undefined
console.log(arrayWithTwoElements[5]); // Undefined
console.log(arrayWithTwoElements.length); // 2

const arrayWithTwoElementsLiteral = [3,1];

console.log(arrayWithTwoElementsLiteral); // [ 3, 1 ]
console.log(arrayWithTwoElementsLiteral[0]); // 3
console.log(arrayWithTwoElementsLiteral[1]); // 1
console.log(arrayWithTwoElementsLiteral[2]); // Undefined
console.log(arrayWithTwoElementsLiteral[5]); // Undefined
console.log(arrayWithTwoElementsLiteral.length); // 2


[X] Automatic

We can check for the notation with one argument and flag it as a warning.


  • Smart


Many "modern" languages are full of hacks to make life easier for programmers but are a source of potential undiscovered bugs.



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When someone says, "I want a programming language in which I need only say what I want done," give him a lollipop.

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