Code Smell 65 - Variables Named After Types

Code Smell 65 - Variables Named After Types

Names should always indicate role.

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TL;DR: Don't name your variables with the accidental type


  • Declarative

  • Design for Change

  • Coupling to accidental implementation


  1. Rename your variable according to the role.

Sample Code




This is a semantic rule. We can instruct our linters to warn us from using names related to existing classes, types o reserved words since they are too implementative.


  • Declarative


The first name we can across is related to an accidental point of view. It takes time to build a theory on the models we are building using our MAPPERS. Once we get there, we must rename our variables-


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This idea came from this tweet

Types are essentially assertions about a program. And I think it’s valuable to have things be as absolutely simple as possible, including not even saying what the types are.

Dan Ingalls

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