Code Smell 76 - Generic Assertions

Code Smell 76 - Generic Assertions

Don't make weak tests to create a false sensation of coverage.

TL;DR: Test Assertions should be precise. Not too Vague and not too specific. There is no silver bullet.


  • False Negatives

  • Lack of Trust


  1. Check the right case

  2. Assert for a functional case.

  3. Don't test implementation.

Sample Code


square = Square(5)

assert square.area() != 0

# This will lead to false negatives since it is too vague
square = Square(5)

assert square.area() = 25

# Assertion should be precise


With Mutation Testing techniques we can find these errors on our tests.


  • Testing


We should use development techniques like TDD that request concrete business cases and make concrete assertions based on our domain.


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This smell was inspired by Mario Cervera and used with his permission.

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A program that produces incorrect results twice as fast is infinitely slower.

John Osterhout

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