Code Smell 85 - And Functions

Code Smell 85 - And Functions

Maxi Contieri
·Aug 21, 2021·

1 min read

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Do not perform more than requested.

TL;DR: Unless you need atomicity, do not perform more than one task.


  • Coupling
  • Single Responsibility Principle violation
  • Readability
  • Low Cohesion
  • Testability


  1. Break the function

Sample Code


def fetch_and_display_personnel():
  data = # ...

  for person in data:
def fetch_personnel():
  return # ...

def display_personnel(data):
  for person in data:


Functions including "and" are candidates. However, we need to check them carefully since there might be false positives.


  • Readability
  • Naming


We should avoid doing more than needed, and our functions should be both minimal and atomic.

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This smell was inspired by

If it takes more than a sentence to explain what you are doing, it’s almost always a sign that what you are doing is too complicated.

Sam Altman

This article is part of the CodeSmell Series.

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