Code Smell 89 - Math Feature Envy

Code Smell 89 - Math Feature Envy

Maxi Contieri
·Oct 4, 2021·

2 min read

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One class calculating formulas for another class.

TL;DR: Leave the formulas to the objects gathering the information.


  • Declaratively

  • Low reuse

  • Real-world concept missing

  • Encapsulation


  1. Move the math formula to the class

  2. Search for real-world abstractions

Sample Code


function area(rectangle) { 
  return rectange.width * rectangle.height;
  //Notice we are sending consecutive messages to
  //the same object and doing calculations
class Rectangle {
    constructor(width, height, color) { 
         this.height = height;
         this.width = width;

    area() {
        return this.width * this.height;


Since many cascading messages are sending to the same object, we can detect a pattern.


  • Encapsulation

  • Coupling


This is a very basic smell. If we are manipulating another object characteristics, we should let it do it the maths for us.


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Computer science is not about machines, in the same way that astronomy is not about telescopes. There is an essential unity of mathematics and computer science.

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