Code Smell 90 - Implementative Callback Events

Code Smell 90 - Implementative Callback Events

When creating events, we should decouple the trigger from the action.

TL;DR: Name your functions according to what happened.



  1. Name the events after "what happened", not "what you should do"

Sample Code


const Item = ({name, handlePageChange)} =>
  <li onClick={handlePageChange}>

// handlePageChange is coupled with what you decide to do
/ /instead of what really happened
// We cannot reuse this kind of callback


const Item = ({name, onItemSelected)} =>
  <li onClick={onItemSelected}>

// onItemSelected will be called just when an item was selected. KISS
// Parent can decide what to do (or do nothing)
// We defer the decision


This is a semantic smell. We can detect it on peer code reviews.


  • Coupling

  • Naming


Names are very important. We should delay implementation coupled names until the very last moment.

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Thanks to Maciej for this tip

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