How to Write Amazing Series on Hashnode

How to Write Amazing Series on Hashnode

Maxi Contieri
·Nov 2, 2020·

2 min read

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Recently I've been writing a series article on Hashnode (one each day inspired by #2articles1Week)

After my 15th article I accidentally discovered Hashnode already has series.

I didn't notice this reading other people's articles. Haven't come across to series :(

I searched for articles describing HowTo but couldn't find any.

Let's do it!


This article's screenshot are a bit outdated since the platform is continuously evolving.

Steps on series creation are a bit different now.

1 - First you need to create the series.

This is a prerequisite not shown on original article.

You need to click on your profile and this menu will appear


2 - The menu will guide you to:

3 - There you can create your series


As an example


Which will have no articles since series is new.


You will see your series created empty like this

Once you create you empty series you need to start writing your articles (or adding existing ones).

4 - Edit your article


...and a new selection will be present (this appears only if you have a series created).



5 - Edit your series information, add a nice picture and a concise description.

6- Save post.

Voilà! Article now belongs to the series.



You can either browse series from articles or from main series topic

Hope you liked it and looking forward to new series!

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