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TDD Conference 2021 - TDD Manifesto - Daniel Moka

Aug 16, 20212 min read 129 views

First International Test Driven Development took place on July 10th. In this series, I will include every talk together with my notes and further reading. Hopefully, a lot of readers will watch and rewatch the talks, as they are worth several review...

TDD Conference 2021 - TDD Manifesto - Daniel Moka
TDD Conference 2021 - On The Relationship Between Units Of Isolation And Test Coupling - Mario Cervera
TDD Conference 2021 - TDD All The Things - Liz Keogh
TDD Conference 2021 - Benefits Of Going Beyond The Make-It-Work Phase - Francisco Climent
TDD Conference 2021 -  TDD Misconceptions - Olena Borzenko
TDD Conference 2021 - Why You Might Not Want To Use TDD? - Ola Kunysz