TDD Conference 2021 - Why I Love TDD And Why I'm Looking For Ways To Go Beyond TDD - Alex Bunardzic

TDD Conference 2021 - Why I Love TDD And Why I'm Looking For Ways To Go Beyond TDD - Alex Bunardzic

Maxi Contieri
·Nov 5, 2021·

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First International Test Driven Development took place on July 10th.

In this series, I will include every talk together with my notes and further reading.

Hopefully, a lot of readers will watch and rewatch the talks, as they are worth several reviews.

Let's continue...


Alex is a software engineering veteran with over 30 years of hands-on professional experience. A staunch advocate of Extreme Programming and TDD, Alex is currently leading DevOps teams by coaching them in TDD practices.

TL;DR: We need superfast feedback. TCR does it very well


My Personal notes

  • We spend half our time playing the guitar and the other half tuning it
  • The longer we wait before we make a change and see its impact, the more we dive in the dark
  • We need to shorten the feedback loop
  • We should deploy every keystroke to production like collaborating on Google Docs
  • Creating from scratch a TCR system with an automated script going to commit or revert according to test results.
  • We go from a steady state to another steady state
  • We are driven by symmetry
  • As always, we start faking it until we start making it
  • Prime directive is for system to be always up and running
  • Once we write many tests, we can run mutation testing
  • Accidental complexly is the pain on our systems

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