The Tech Twitter Guide to the Galaxy

The Tech Twitter Guide to the Galaxy

My personal recommendations on whom to follow

TL;DR Follow these people on Twitter to learn a lot about software development.


Alejandro writes interesting content on software development and machine learning. He teaches Computer Science and his content is great. I love interacting with him.

Allen is a DDD passionate. His opinions are very strong and accurate. I enjoy his development tips AND management and agile humor a lot. I liked very much his courses on LinkedIn.

Anna writes amazing stuff on development. She's a great technical writing and posts delightful morning walk pictures.

Annie writes interesting content on her journey as a front end developer, and she also talks about management and productivity from her developer perspective. She also writes funny off-topic content.

Apoorv write great tweets and articles related (but not restricted to) software design and models.

Catalin is a tireless content creator. He writes amazing tech articles at I cannot keep his pace.

Deni knows a lot about software design, clean code and TDD you can follow his TDD blog here He is the guy to ask for software advice.

Danny is a great teacher. He is undoubtedly an inspiration for new developers. I learn a lot from his courses and his fine sense of humor.

Francesco writes on software development and has an amazing YouTube channel with lots of great videos.

Jan is a very smart guy. He's the guy to talk about software design. I learned a lot from him. He also writes excellent technical articles.

Jov writes about TDD on Mobile development and has great knowledge on Android development and TDD techniques (which are not very frequently found together).

Vladimir writes great content on machine learning. He also talks on programming and software design.

Victoria is a very curious developer. Her articles on blogging combine great programming skills with enjoyable and insightful technical articles You can read her on

Mario is a clean coder enthusiast, he teaches how to write excellent designs with clear examples. His testing tips are amazing. He also talks a lot about team building and social skills.

Maciej writes great content on software design and architecture. You can have very interesting discussions with him.

Matt is a tireless educator. He is famous for his "pills" and is and authority on Object-Oriented Programming. His YouTube channel is awesome ( He also has a great blog

Matt and I have interesting discussions. Even dough we don't always agree we have learned a lot from each other

Nick is a great Front end developer. He talks in twitter about programming and mentoring advices. His threads are insightful and valuable. He is definitively worth following.

Oliver writes amazing content on backend software design, architecture and TDD.

Pratham says he is 16 but it cannot be true :) He is making his journey and writing down all he is learning (which is a lot) and should be an inspiration for new developers.

Rusiim is a clean code and refactor advocate. He loves declarative code. He doesn't like dirty code very much :)

Sarah writes great content on her development journey and also funny off-topic content. She is a must-follow.

Simon writes straight-to-the-point developer advices. He is very active on Twitter. His YouTube channel is amazing

Santiago is an authority on Machine Learning. He is very active and helpful both to newcomers and advanced programmers. He explains everything with clear examples.

Tadas is a young guy but speaks as senior developer. He's very experienced on software and also starting to work on his own. You can subscribe here

Ankur writes very interesting content on software development and mentoring for junior developers.

Jack is a great front end developer. I like his sense of humor as much as his great content.

The list comes to and end here. Unluckily I am aware I might have missed up a lot of very interesting people. Please reply and shout out with their names.

One of my 2021 commitments is to increase the quality of people I follow and meet great developers. Please write them down in the comments with a brief description.

Happy new year! 🎆