What is JOMO and Why it will Increase your Productivity x97

What is JOMO and Why it will Increase your Productivity x97

TL;DR: You are mortal. You will die. Don't waste your time.

What is JOMO?

JOMO (Joy of Missing out) is the opposite of FOMO (Fear of Missing out).

This was first described by Patrick McGinnis in his amazing book:

  • Modern sites and applications exploit our primitive vulnerabilities. Our brains are wired for alerts and attention. This is how we survive as a race.

  • We are safer than ever now. We don't need to be so alert nowadays. Even on COVID-19 times.

According to Patrick McGinnis' 3 tips, we can fight it:

  • FOMO is based on the perception that something out there is better than what we are doing now. But sometimes perception is a deception in disguise.

  • Limit your time online to a fixed amount.

  • We can control FOMO using full consciousness, mindfulness, or meditation.

Tips to avoid FOMO and JOMO master

  • Make friends with the idea that "not everything is possible".

  • Recognize your finite time and your mortal life.

  • Choose what to prioritize every day.

  • Be willing to lose something to be present with specific people and give them quality time.

  • Recognize and Fight Doom scrolling.

  • Detox, unsubscribe from social networks.

  • Leave chat groups, WhatsApp, Discord, forums, etc. don't be ashamed. Politely say goodbye first. You are no better than them.

  • Stay with positive people. Avoid toxic ones.

  • Block your own IP against tabloids or sensationalism.

  • if you relapse, go back and check that you did not miss anything important.

  • Prefer asynchronous communication (pull), over synchronous ones (push).

  • We need to focus.

  • Create a safe place or environment, minimizing interruptions.

  • We cannot achieve everything.

  • Be here now.

  • Disable ALL notifications. Yes, All.

  • Internet content is filtered. We don't see the whole picture.

  • Reflect on what you are losing by not being present.

  • Come back and see what you missed. You have infinite scrolling. You missed nothing important.

  • and many more tips...

What does the 97x stand for?

It is just an internal joke, a clickbait is the opposite of a JOMO.

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