Code Smell 109 - Automatic Properties

Code Smell 109 - Automatic Properties

What happens if you combine 4 code smells?

Maxi Contieri
·Dec 7, 2021·

2 min read

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Table of contents

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  • Solutions
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  • Sample Code
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TL;DR: Avoid Getters, Avoid Setters, Avoid Metaprogramming. Think about Behavior.



  1. Remove automatic setters and getters


Setters and getters are a bad industry practice.

Many IDEs favor this code smell.

Some languages provide explicit support to build anemic models and DTOs.

Sample Code


class Person
  public string name 
  { get; set; }


class Person
  private string name  

  public Person(string personName)
    name = personName;
    //no getters, no setters


[X] Automatic

This is a language feature.

We should avoid immature languages or forbid their worst practices.


  • Encapsulation


We need to think carefully before exposing our properties.

The first step is to stop thinking about properties and focus solely on behavior.


More Info


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Nothing is harder than working under a tight deadline and still taking the time to clean up as you go.

Kent Beck

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