Code Smell 147 - Too Many Methods

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Code Smell 147 - Too Many Methods

Maxi Contieri
·Jul 6, 2022·

2 min read

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Table of contents

  • Problems
  • Solutions
  • Related Refactorings
  • Context
  • Sample Code
  • Detection
  • Relations
  • More info
  • Tags
  • Conclusion
  • Credits

Util classes are great to gather protocol

TL;DR: Don't add accidental protocol to your classes


  • Readability

  • Single Responsibility Violation

  • Bad Cohesion

  • High Coupling

  • Low Reusability


  1. Break your class

  2. Extract Class

Related Refactorings


We tend to put a protocol in the first class we find.

That's not a problem.

We just need to refactor.

Sample Code


public class MyHelperClass {
  public void print() { }
  public void format() { }
  // ... many methods more

  // ... even more methods 
  public void persist() { }
  public void solveFermiParadox() { }      


public class Printer {
  public void print() { }

public class DateToStringFormater {
  public void format() { }

public class Database {
  public void persist() { }

public class RadioTelescope {
  public void solveFermiParadox() { }


[X] Automatic

Most linters count methods and warn us.


More info

Refactoring Guru


  • Cohesion

  • Bloaters


Splitting classes and protocol is a good practice to favor small and reusable objects.


Photo by Marcin Simonides on Unsplash

There is no code so big, twisted, or complex that maintenance can't make it worse.

Gerald M. Weinberg

This article is part of the CodeSmell Series.

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