Code Smell 79 - TheResult

Code Smell 79 - TheResult

If a name is already used, we can always prefix it with 'the'.

Maxi Contieri
·Jun 14, 2021·

1 min read

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TL;DR: don't prefix your variables.


  • Readability

  • Meaningless names


  1. Use intention revealing names.

  2. Avoid Indistinct noise words.


Sample Code


var result;

result = getSomeResult();

var theResult;

theResult = getSomeResult();


var averageSalary;

averageSalary = calculateAverageSalary();


var averageSalaryWithRaises;

averageSalaryWithRaises = calculateAverageSalary();


As with many of our naming conventions, we can instruct our linters to forbid names like theXxx....


  • Readability


Always use intention revealing names.

If your names collide use local names, extract your methods and avoid 'the' prefixes.


More info


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One difference between a smart programmer and a professional programmer is that the professional understands that clarity is king. Professionals use their powers for good and write code that others can understand.

Robert C. Martin

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