Refactoring 006 - Rename Result Variables

Refactoring 006 - Rename Result Variables

'Result' is a very bad generic name. Just Fix it

Maxi Contieri
·Jun 15, 2022·

1 min read

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Table of contents

  • Problems Addressed
  • Related Code Smells
  • Steps
  • Sample Code
  • Type
  • Why code is better?
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  • See also
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TL;DR: Use the last call as a semantic guide.

Problems Addressed

  • Bad naming on variables

Related Code Smells


  1. Name the variable with the same name as the last function call.

Sample Code


function doubleFavoriteNumber(n) {
    return this.favoriteNumber * n;

var result = doubleFavoriteNumber(2);

// Many lines after we have no idea what does 
// result holds

// var result ???


function doubleFavoriteNumber(n) {
    return this.favoriteNumber * n;

const favoriteNumberDoubled = doubleFavoriteNumber(2);

// Many instructions after

// We can use favoriteNumberDoubled knowing its semantics


[X] SemiAutomatic

As with many name heuristics, we can replace the variable with another refactor rename variable

Why code is better?

A variable scope can last a lot.

Assignment and usage might be very far away from each other.


  • Naming

See also

What is in a name?


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This article is part of the Refactoring Series.

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