The Reasons I Started Technical Blogging✍🏼

The Reasons I Started Technical Blogging✍🏼

Senior Developers have learning reasons too.

Hello Everyone!

Recently I attended Hashnode Bootcamp III, and also had some interviews on a couple of podcasts.

One of the podcast's hosts: Sonny Alves Dias asked me the reasons why I decided to blog.

Here I go.

1 - I Want to share my 25 years of experience as a software developer and teacher.👴🏾

I've worked in many industries, small and large companies. I worked as a software engineer, QA engineer, auditor, manager, CTO, etc.

I worked in private-owned companies and also built some startups from scratch.

I've been teaching at the university since I graduated in computer science.

I've seen tons of code reviews and I came across some software design solutions.

2 - I need to learn new things not to become obsolete.🏫

Many of my old university mates decided to stick to some tech stack and this is fine. I still get excited when I hear something new about technology (lastly React and GPT3).

I have a different attitude.

I try to learn new concepts and technologies and also value old but very actual software engineering theories.

3 - If You Really Want to Master Something, Teach It.👨‍🏫

The person who learns the most in any classroom is the teacher. I started to write a code smell series and I had 10 or 15 articles on the back of my mind.

To my surprise, lots of people suggested new smells.

I also took several courses on clean code, read some classic books again, and did research both on academia and also online.

Up to now, I wrote 67 smells and still have a lot of drafts to polish and publish.

4 - The Lock-Down.😷

"Crisis" also means opportunity.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, I discovered I had plenty of spare time. Being an outdoor guy I realize I could watch Netflix or write articles.

This was very true on lockdown weekends.

My approach was to connect with people from every corner of the world and exchange software experiences.

5 I want to diversify my revenue stream.💸

Old senior developers also become obsolete and less sexy for the market.

I currently have a full-time job and I also get paid at the university.

Looking for an extra income is not a sin at all.

So If you like this article and all the other ones you can...