Code Smell 112 - Testing Private Methods

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Code Smell 112 - Testing Private Methods

If you work on unit testing, sooner or later you will face this dilemma

Maxi Contieri
·Dec 29, 2021·

2 min read

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TL;DR: Don't test your private methods.


  • Breaking Encapsulation

  • Code Duplication


  1. If your method is simple, you don't need to test it.

  2. If your method is complicated, you need to convert it into a Method Object.

  3. Do not make your methods public for testing.

  4. Do not use metaprogramming to avoid protection.

  5. Do not move the private computation to helpers.

  6. Do not use static methods for computations.


We test our classes and methods.

At some point, we rely on auxiliary computations and we need to test them in a white-box way.

Sample Code



final class Star {

  private $distanceInParsecs;

  public function timeToReachLightToUs() {
    return $this->convertDistanceInParsecsToLightYears($this->distanceInParsecs);

  private function convertDistanceInParsecsToLightYears($distanceInParsecs) {
      return 3.26 * $distanceInParsecs;
      //function is using an argument which is already available.
      //since it has private access to $distanceInParsecs
      //this is another smell indicator.

      //We cannot test this function since it is private



final class Star {

  private $distanceInParsecs;   

  public function timeToReachLightToUs() {
    return new ParsecsToLightYearsConverter($this->distanceInParsecs);

final class ParsecsToLightYearsConverter {
  public function convert($distanceInParsecs) {
      return 3.26 * $distanceInParsecs;

final class ParsecsToLightYearsConverterTest extends TestCase {
  public function testConvert0ParsecsReturns0LightYears() {
    $this->assertEquals(0, (new ParsecsToLightYearsConverter)->convert(0));
    //we can add lots of tests and rely on this object
    //So we don't need to test Star conversions.
    //We can yet test Star public timeToReachLightToUs()
    //This is a simplified scenario



[X] SemiAutomatic

This is a semantic smell.

We can only find metaprogramming abuse on some unit frameworks.


  • Test Smells


With this guide, we should always choose the method object solution.


More Info


Photo by Dan Nelson on Unsplash

Just as it is a good practice to make all fields private unless they need greater visibility, it is a good practice to make all fields final unless they need to be mutable.

Brian Goetz

This article is part of the CodeSmell Series.

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