Code Smell 32 - Singletons

Code Smell 32 - Singletons

Maxi Contieri

Published on Nov 23, 2020

2 min read

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The most used and (in)famous design pattern in the world is causing us great harm.


  • Coupling

  • Testability.

  • Accidental implementation problems.

  • Multi threading issues.

  • Static methods polluting.

  • Object creation contract violation.

  • Bijection mismatch.

  • Memory issues.

  • Premature Optimization.


  1. Avoid it.

  2. Use contextual unique objects.

  3. Benchmark object creation.


  • Database Access

  • Globals

  • Loggers

  • Helpers

Sample Code


God is the archetypical singleton example.


This is a design pattern. We should avoid it by policy.

We can add linter rules for patterns like 'getInstance()' so new developers cannot infect code with this anti-pattern.


  • Globals


This is an historical mistake already acknowledged by the community. Nevertheless, lazy developers bring it again and again. We need to reach a consensus on its drawbacks.


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The Diagram is Not the Model. The model is not the diagram. It is an abstraction, a set of concepts and relationships between them.

Eric Evans

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