Today I Learned the Concept of Gardening

Today I Learned the Concept of Gardening

Why caring of our past work is also very important.

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The new concept

At Hashnode Bootcamp I heard the word Gardening for the first time at @samjulien's talk.

I rushed to Wikipedia to see if the metaphor was specialized to other domains.

To my astonishment, Wikipedia is not aware of the term (beyond its obvious meaning).

I usually revisit my own articles since they are related among each other but I don't do major changes on them.📕

This is a pity since I write about programming core concepts, and they are less volatile than fancy new technology tutorials. 😥

I usually write the articles, polish them, publish on social media and forget about them in a few days.

Missed Opportunities

Writing technical articles takes a lot of time and effort, and the publishing window is very narrow, so there's always a chance most of our audience will miss them. 😧

Unless we have great SEO mastering, there's not much of a chance someone will read the article after publishing date.

Even for our new followers! 😛

I wrote more than 100 articles on @hashnode and my new followers may not be aware of them.

The Strategy

From now on, I will revisit my old articles, gather the comments and suggestions and all feedback to refurbish them.

I am more aware today of great tools and I can improve past articles with these new tools.

Hashnode adds page metadata if we update our articles:

<meta itemProp="dateModified" content="2020-12-22T13:43:58.780Z"/>

I will also add a footer showing when was the article last visited. This is not for search engines but for us, humans to show how we care for our shinny garden.

👨🏽‍🌾I hope my garden flourishes🌻

Last Article Update: 07-04-2021

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